mini-parapente aerea localizacaoHow to travel:

Piracanga is located in Bahia, Brazil. The nearest town is Itacaré (30 minutes of unpaved road). Piracanga is an ecovillage located in a beautiful, natural and remote place. Thats why we encourage everyone to come with one of our transports from Itacaré on. We kindly ask you to contact us in advance, to arrange a date and time for the transport.


The closest airports from Piracanga are:

Jorge Amado / Ilhéus (IOS) – located approximately 100 km from Piracanga. National flights are operated on a daily basis by the airlines GOL, TAM, WEBJET and TRIP. • Luis Eduardo Magalhaes / Salvador (SSA) - located approximately 430 km from Piracanga -  operates several national and international flights.

Airlines that operate from Ilhéus:

  • GOL - www.vougol.com.br
  • TRIP - www.voetrip.com.br
  • TAM - www.tam.com.br
  • WEBJET - www.webjet.com.br

After landing, you can choose to come by public transport to Itacaré or request our shuttle service directly from IOS Ilheus Airport (100 km from Itacaré). From Ilhéus (airport) directly to Piracanga it is approximately 2 hours with our car, or 2 hours 30 min by public transport (leaving Ilhéus main bus station, not the airport. If you go by bus we come to pick you up in Itacaré – then it takes another 30 min to Piracanga with one of our transports. Car Value Piracanga: •  Ilhéus - Piracanga: $ 120.00 for the car or $ 30.00 per person for minimum of four people in the car (*) •   Itacaré - Piracanga: $ 10.00 per person

(*) This value is actually referring to the trip Ilhéus - Itacaré. The trip Itacaré - Piracanga is $ 10.00. For those who paid for the trip from Ilhéus in the car we give this passage as a courtesy. However we want to ask for your understanding that the car on this stretch Piracanga - Itacaré is not exclusive and that other passengers may be present. If there are other passengers present in the stretch Ilhéus - Piracanga, the costs for the transport will be shared (exceptions made for Piracanga staff).

Note: Because we are an eco-village in a remote location and try to adapt as best we can, to optimize any cost and create the less pollution possible. Like this it is very common that when a car goes to the city it has to come back with supplies for the community. Thank you for understanding.


To come to Itacaré by bus, first you have to get to the main bus station of Ilhéus, Itabuna or Salvador. Coming from Ilhéus, or Itabuna: The trip Itabuna/Ilhéus-Itacaré is operated daily, every hour by the bus company ROTA. Travel time Ilhéus/Itacaré: 2 hours 30 minutes | Travel time Itabuna/Itacaré: 3 hours. Contact Ilhéus: +55 (73) 3634.3161.  Contact Itabuna: = +55 (73) 3613.3200. Website: http://www.rotatransportes.com.br/

Coming from Salvador:


Note: If you're used to traveling long distances by bus, perhaps a way to save is to fly to Salvador and take a bus in the second part of the trip. (Often the flights to Salvador are much cheaper than for Ilhéus. But do the math, because this is not always the case. And consider that the bus trip will be long until you get to Piracanga)

Coming from Salvador:

Via Salvador you can come from the main bus station or cross the Baía de Todos os Santos by ferry boat and come from the bus station Bom Despacho/Itaparica which is adjacent to the arrival terminal of the ferry boat (travel time for the second option is shorter).  From Salvador airport you have to catch a taxi to the main bus station or to the Baía de Todos os Santos to catch the ferry boat (the cost/time will be approximately $ 60.00 / 70.00 - 25/40 minutes). From the bus station Salvador/Ilhéus the trip is operated daily by the Bus Company Águia Branca. Travel time is about seven hours. Website: www.aguiabranca.com.br Every friday there is a direct bus from Salvador to Itacaré via Ilhéus. The trip takes nine hours and 30 minutes. Tel. Nr. Águia Branca : (0800 725 1211) • Contact Ilhéus: (73) 3634.4121 • Contact Itabuna: (73) 3431.5712 Website: www.aguiabranca.com.br From Bom Despacho(Itaparica)/Itacaré the bus service is operated by the bus company Viação Cidade Sol and takes 4 hours and 30 minutes. Contact: 0800-2849900 • (73) 3047.1000 Website: http://www.viacaocidadesol.com.br We wish you a great trip. See you soon!

Team Piracanga
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